Actifend Web Security

Recover your hacked website in seconds

Hacks are inevitable, recovery is hard...
Powerful Security automatically detects & blocks attacks 24x7. Recover from hacks, ransomware in one-click from your mobile phone!

This cloud-based enterprise-class web security technology monitors your website and uses advanced analytics to detect & block attackers. It is now available to you at affordable prices.

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Growing business, busy times... when suddenly website is hacked, blacklisted

Vinay - CEO, GrowingBiz

Lost time - 5 days.

Lost revenues - $100s.

Traction & business deals set back – 1 month.

Stress, uncertainty and explanations to stakeholders.

Every month, over 2 million websites are hacked

  • Only about 1% buy preventive services
  • Even then some of them get hacked
  • Takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to recover from hacks
  • Be prepared to recover quickly!

ActiFend – recovers from hacks in seconds


24x7 monitoring, detects the hack in seconds


Sends alerts to mobile phone


Shows hack details in-app, helps confirm


Restores original site with just one click

Solves crucial automation & design problems

Hack detection & Incident Response

Remotely triggered Backup & Restore

Multi-tenant Security Analytics

Real time monitoring & alert generation

Security dashboard on an always-on device

Security made easy & interesting

Guided improvement across important dimensions

Guided improvement across important dimensions

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