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JIL has been working constantly to help provide seamless communication via email service to the corporate fraternity. And in this process we noted some common issues faced by the Zimbra Mail users across the globe. Our team of Zimbra Mail Server Support has compiled possible troubleshooting steps. Please keep browing our website for the same. Incase your issue still persists feel to contact us.

Zimbra Mail Server Issues and Solutions

Zimbra is an email server software that provides a wide range of features for its users. However, like any other software, Zimbra mail troubleshooting users also face some issues. We are starting a series covering a wide range of issues usually reported by the Zimbra users. We have also shared some possible solutions, however, our team of experts at JIL is capable of providing their services to help users for the seamless communications.

Zimbra is an open source email and collaboration platform that offers enterprise-level features and functionality. It is a popular choice among businesses and organizations of all sizes because of its flexibility and ability to scale as the business grows. Overall, Zimbra mail server upgrade is a powerful and reliable solution for businesses looking for an email and collaboration platform that is flexible, scalable, and secure.

Most Common Mail Routing Problems

Email sending and receiving issue

Spam and junk email issue

Mailbox full / mail quota exceeded

Mail authentication issue

Does zimbra work with outlook?

Users on old system and zimbra

Res. temporarily unavailable

Receiving old emails again

No adequate servers

I’m getting a disk quota error

How to check zimbra status

Mailbox not found /
invalid mailbox

Host unknown /
not our customer

Authenticating to your relay host

Webmail is not opening

Connection timed out / out of memory

I can send but can’t receive mail

I can receive but can’t send mail

Can't sent mail from my email client

I can’t send or receive mail

Domain lookup failed

Some of my emails are missing

Temp. msg delievery failure error

Outgoing mails problem

100% email routing through smart host

Zimbra Mail Server Solutions

Zimbra Mail
Zimbra AMC
Zimbra Upgrade

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