Spam or Junk Email Issues

Zimbra mail server users also receive a lot of spam & junk emails at times, which is annoying & time-consuming. Spam & junk email issues are a common problem on Zimbra mail servers.

JIL helps prevent and manage these issues.

Spam or Junk Email - Some Possible Solutions

  • 1. Enable Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Features:
    The Zimbra mail server has built-in anti-spam and anti-virus features that can be enabled to help reduce the number of spam and junk emails that get into your inbox.

  • 2. Use Spam Filters:
    You can also set up spam filters to automatically detect and filter out spam and junk emails. These filters can be customized to suit your preferences and can be set up at the server level or at the user level.

  • 3. Delete or Block Unknown Email Addresses:
    If you receive emails from unknown or suspicious email addresses, it’s best to delete them or block them from your inbox to prevent further spam.

  • 4. Train Zimbra Mail Server:
    You can also train your Zimbra mail server to recognize and filter out spam by marking emails as spam or not spam. This trains the system to better identify spam and improve the accuracy of the filters.

  • 5. Educate Users:
    Lastly, educate users on email best practices, such as not sharing their email address on public platforms, avoiding opening suspicious attachments or links, and always verifying email senders before responding.

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